Due to an outdated insurance benefit design, cancer patients across the country are not able to afford their oral anticancer medications. Please take a moment to hear from the patients themselves, and learn about what we are doing to find a solution.

”In some regards the worst aspect of cancer has been the financial strain. All of our savings are gone. Altogether my co-pay for the treatment that has my cancer in near remission was over $2,700 a month. Family and friends have ‘loaned’ us nearly $8,000 over the last couple of years when funds have been short to meet the co-pay necessary for them to ship my oral chemo. Even with that I have missed the timing of doses twice as I couldn’t find any way to pay the $1,535 the prescription fulfillment center wanted before they would ship the chemo.” – OH Patient

”My wife’s oral chemo for Myeloma cost $9,000 per month;a 20% copay is $1,800 per month – who can afford this, after all the other deductibles, copays and her $900 per month insurance premiums? There arenot other options to treat Myeloma if the IV chemo stops working, only oral meds are left to keep you alive.” – NH Caregiver

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