”In some regards the worst aspect of cancer has been the financial strain. All of our savings are gone. Altogether my co-pay for the treatment that has my cancer in near remission was over $2,700 a month. Family and friends have ‘loaned’ us nearly $8,000 over the last couple of years when funds have been short to meet the co-pay necessary for them to ship my oral chemo. Even with that I have missed the timing of doses twice as I couldn’t find any way to pay the $1,535 the prescription fulfillment center wanted before they would ship the chemo.” – OH Patient

 ”My wife’s oral chemo for Myeloma cost $9,000 per month; a 20% copay is $1,800 per month – who can afford this, after all the other deductibles, copays and her $900 per month insurance premiums? There are not other options to treat Myeloma if the IV chemo stops working, only oral meds are left to keep you alive.” – NH Caregiver

If unequal reimbursement has affected you or someone you know, please write a few sentences that tell a personal story. You should include information such as status regarding your cancer (age, when diagnosed, health today, treatment needs). If you are writing about someone else, please use only their first name and their relationship to you.

Also be sure to include your experience such as: I did not get the care I need because insurance reimbursed more for a different treatment; I have gone into debt to pay for what insurance doesn’t cover; my treatment was delayed waiting for coverage to kick in.